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happy makes my coffee
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meet the happy family. we're a team of dreamers, designers, creators and doers on a mission to elevate the everyday. and for us, we want every day to start with a great cup of coffee and a smile. that's why we started happy™.

aaron selfie


supply chain

lover of adventure and all things outdoors, recently traded in the sailboat he called home for diapers and a slice of terra firma. if he's not sourcing and manufacturing your favorite new coffee, he's likely in a foot race with his daughter who's in a foot race with his dog.

adam selfie


finance guy

if finance were an Olympic sport, Adam would bring home the gold. when he’s not embedding macros in spreadsheets, Adam might be beat-boxing, picking a lock blindfolded, improving his time completing a Rubik’s Cube, or throwing an axe or two.

annie selfie



loves food so much, the only thing she enjoys reading are menus. when Annie’s not traveling and tasting her way around the world, you can find her building legos, and hanging out with her aquatic turtle, Hot Dog.

chelsea selfie


supply chain

curious human with the audacity to try new things. Chelsea is a speed skater, a roller derby captain, and probably the strongest person on the team. they're also a pro at making sure all of our products get everywhere they need to go, and that they arrive just when they’re supposed to.

chris selfie


sales guy

former “Mr. New Hampshire” (he won’t mention for what), Chris enjoys squeezing himself onto airplanes and bumping his head on door frames. if you can’t find happy in your favorite store, it’s Chris’ fault, but we love him regardless. when he’s not padding his various travel-related loyalty programs, he’s either working out or laying motionless on a beach for a concerning amount of time. if he could choose his last meal on earth, it would be a toss-up between Ma’s meatloaf or pho.

connie selfie



our head of R+D, Connie recently took a gap year to manage an organic farm. she never gets lost, and during lockdown, she ran every single street in her town. Connie loves playing in the mountains, and as an active climber, would happily be reincarnated as a mountain goat…so long as she could be a coffee-drinking mountain goat. when she’s not climbing, she’s all-in on cooking, crocheting and crafting with her kids.

craig dubitsky selfie


happy founder

loves people, design, brands, starting things up, and people (yes, he really loves people). if Craig could only take three things to a desert island (not including his bride, kiddos, labradoodle and cats), it’d be an acoustic guitar, a pad and a pen. sushi and a pizza simply wouldn’t travel as well.

damon selfie



Damon is serious about ice cream, baking (he makes outrageous custom cakes), cooking and trying new hobbies. he claims to be slightly above average at more things than are actually possible, but if we’re being honest, he hasn’t let us down yet. a secret fact: he refuses to work during certain college basketball games, gotta respect that.

dennis selfie



loves color, form, and cohesion of thought. Dennis loves music of any genre, and loves listening to it all the time, which generally makes us all quite happy. he loves Brooklyn, savory pies, and commutes, which is great because we simply cannot get him to consider a move to the suburbs.

matt selfie (with dog)



when Matt isn’t turning our dreams into really beautiful, functional things, he’s also living the dream: chauffeuring his kids to baseball and swim meets. he’s also known to trade in his designer’s chair for a mountain bike or attempting to outrun his Aussie on the trails.

michael selfie (in front of an oyster stand)


coffee guy

probably the only person to have planted a coffee bean and brewed a cup from its fruit– all in New Jersey. to say he is obsessed with coffee is an understatement. for fellow coffee geeks, the beans were of the Caturra variety, roasted and brewed to Q cupping specs; exhibited a medium body, surprising sweetness, and balanced cup with notes of graham cracker. Michael is equally obsessed with espresso and mom & pop doughnut shops.

Robert Downey Jr Drinking happy coffee and laughing


happy co-founder

Robert loves coffee and he loves making people happy. have you met the guy? he could make a rock laugh. when he’s not making faces for cash and chicken, you can find him watching The American Heroes Channel, taste-testing the latest happy™ blends, practicing Wing Chun, or hanging with his fam on the ranch.

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