coffee makes me happy
happy makes my coffee
a cup graphic, but there's no coffee in it. we should correct that.
seriously delicious

we really love coffee. like, really–really love. everything about it, in fact–the smell, the taste, the history, the geography...and of course, how it makes us feel when we drink it.

we're in it deep, and that's why right from the start we make sure to carefully select green coffee from responsible growers that is free from flavor flaws.

we expertly blend the best beans to optimize consistency and taste, and unlike so many other coffees which are roasted in minutes, we take our sweet time and take a slower approach.

allowing our coffees more time in the roaster at lower temperatures creates more complex notes, and avoids the harsh, charred flavors common in other coffees.

we're picky and we give a sip. we source the best beans from thoughtful growers across 8 countries. green beans are carefully selected for quality and consistency because awesome coffee makes us happy.
great coffee takes time. while most coffee is roasted in minutes, we allow our coffee more time to roast. more time in the roaster creates more complex and balanced notes, free from charred flavors and bitterness. smooth things come to those who wait.
thoughtful + beautiful. our cubes are recyclable, refillable, reusable. landfills make us unhappy. the boxes for our happy pods™ use FSC certified paper, and are printed with soy-based inks.
grounds to grounds™. We're obsessed with sourcing and the lions' share of our whole bean & ground are Raiz Sustainably Certified to guarantee growers a premium for their coffee. Other benefits are agribusiness skills, supports regenerative farming, climate risk mitigation, and deforestation free.

to learn more about the Rainforest Alliance, visit them at