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Editorial Policy and Process

Site Content

Happy Products is dedicated to promoting effective, ethical, and delicious products. As part of our mission, we publish blogs, videos, and other informational content pertaining to the ingredients, sourcing, and people behind our products.

We write with the best interests of our audience in mind, and strive to provide accurate, relevant information. While we firmly believe in the value of our products and will reference them when context allows, informational content on this site is intended to be educational to all readers.

Site content on Happy is written both by our employees and by qualified external authors. In both cases, we follow a strict editorial process to ensure that all claims are supported based on available scientific and medical evidence.

All content provided by Happy (blog articles, infographics, resources, etc.) that makes claims regarding the safety or efficacy of products or ingredients has been reviewed – at minimum – by a member of the Happy R&D team with appropriate experience in food science and safety.

If you have any questions or input regarding this policy or any of our site content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.